The power of collaboration
Veloyd works by working together. For a transport company it is important to be able to process all transport flows within one environment. Veloyd facilitates various integrations to optimally manage transport flows. These are integrations to webshops, parcel carriers, accounting or other carriers and courier companies. For everything that is not (yet) linked you can use our API to create your own link. This way you keep everything within one program.

Webshops and shipping platforms

Parcel carriers


In consultation with our customers we may or may not build an accounting link. Veloyd has several user-friendly export and import possibilities, which makes an accounting link redundant in most cases.


There are many parties that have already linked to Veloyd using our API. Some of these parties are also happy to share their linking capabilities so you can easily work with them as well. These integrations are all aimed at realizing a cooperation in the field of courier solutions.

Is the desired integration not listed?

Veloyd wants users to be able to perform their services within Veloyd as much as possible. In consultation with its customers Veloyd is creating new integrations. If the desired integration is not listed, please contact us for the possibilities.

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