Courier and shipping software

All-round software for efficient and well-organised planning for (parcel) carriers and courier companies.
Veloyd is versatile. From planning and optimising routes for couriers to dispatching runs through a user-friendly app, and from the administrative processing of services and hours worked to a private digital environment for customers. Veloyd also offers various integrations with other carriers, administration programs and webshops, and you also have your own Track & Trace page and Track & Trace emails. Veloyd offers a total package for every carrier or party that has something to transport or send.

Route planning

Complex planning becomes easy with built-in route planning. Courier trips are efficiently scheduled using route optimisation and can be sent directly to a courier’s mobile phone.

Send shipments

Thanks to integrations with various carriers, shipments can be sent easily. You are not tied to one carrier, but can choose the most ideal partner for each parcel. You can also create yourself as a parcel deliverer within your chosen area.

Printing Labels

Labels with barcode can easily be printed on A4, A5 or A6 and can be scaled to the desired paper size.

Track & Trace

Not only packages from large carriers are provided with Track & Trace, but also shipments that you transport yourself can be provided with Track & Trace and can be followed by your customers on your own Track & Trace page.

Scan functionality

Registering shipments but also planning routes by means of a scan. In addition to physical scanners, image analysis also supports scanning on mobile phones.

Mobile delivery app

With the help of a mobile delivery app, routes or individual trips can be easily driven. The integrated delivery functionality ensures the transfer of the shipment.

Google Maps integration

Veloyd has its own route optimisation which makes generated routes directly available through Google Maps on your laptop or phone. This integration makes it easy to change or add addresses.

Unlimited user accounts

Veloyd does not set a limit on the number of users and does not charge a fee for this. Anyone can work with it and you can even give customers a special customer account to create shipments directly.

Financial administration and invoicing

A planning is nothing without administrative processing. Veloyd makes it easy to generate invoice attachments and there are even a number of integrations with accounting software to make the administration run even more smoothly.

All data in the cloud

Everything in Veloyd is accessible at any time, from anywhere and with any device. For example, a delivery receipt can be signed by phone. Of course, we secure access and data is sent encrypted.

And more…

Not yet convinced of the possibilities? Veloyd offers a lot more. Sometimes the power is in the small things. We’d love to get in touch for a demo.

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