About Veloyd

The first steps were taken in early 2014 by building a simple tool to digitize the manual trip administration of a bicycle courier company. Veloyd is a corruption of velo and it and therefore owes its name to those early days. The tool developed more and more into a piece of planning software and continued as an independent company. Step by step Veloyd grew into a complete planning and shipping software for courier and postal companies. In the meantime, the customer portfolio has expanded significantly and Veloyd is ready for the next step.

Where previously versions were used, nowadays there is continuous development in the form of sprints. Do you want to stay informed about the developments? Sign up for our newsletter.

Veloyd works closely with its customers. Customer needs are continuously being mapped and where possible implemented (based on a common interest).  This way the software stays in line with our customers and the market.

Veloyd B.V. – Kastanjelaan 400 – 5616 LZ Eindhoven – The Netherlands
M: – Chamber of Commerce: 72638273